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3 Ps

Kara Vita's products improve lives with unsurpassed Purity, Penetration and Potency.

Purity: We calculate our products to meet pharmaceutical standards using the purest ingredients available anywhere, guaranteeing a level of quality and effectiveness which exceeds that of mass market, prestige and many physician-supported brands.

Penetration: Our patented nanotechnology allows bioactives and actives to penetrate deeper epidermal layers more effectively than any other technology, time-releasing at least 80 percent of our ingredients over eight hours or more for all-day moisture and corrective action.

Potency: Kara Vita improves the quality of each user's life using formulas built to renew the skin's protective matrix, strengthen its structure and increase its resilience. Combining the purest ingredients with our industry-leading nanotechnology allows us to respond to our users' problems and desires with skincare solutions that improve skin's appearance by genuinely improving its health.

You'll only find this level of quality and effectiveness at Kara Vita.  Kara Vita is a cruelty free company that does not test its products on animals.