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President's Message

Welcome to the company that doesn't think that excellence is too much to ask for. As President of both Kara Vita and its parent company, and continuing as Chief Product Development Officer, I am committed to maintaining standards of excellence and integrity in both our business opportunity and in our pharmaceutical standard skin care products. Can all this be done in a fun, nurturing, sometimes playful environment? Just ask our Consultants!

Kara Vita was born out of a true passion to make a difference in the lives of women and their families. Daily, we prove that by working as a team we can support not only this important mission, but our business goals, as well. We know that "together we create the best." And, we are creating the best quality product and the most lucrative business opportunity---all at the same time.

When we develop our Kara Vita formulas, we begin with only the purest, highest-grade ingredients to produce the results users expect from each product. Every added element serves a specific purpose and enhances overall effectiveness. And when we find the perfect bioactive or active that fits our requirements, we add a sufficient quantity for a noticeable, beneficial impact.

Further, we time-release at least 80 percent of these ingredients to the skin's deeper layers using our Lyphazome® penetrating nanotechnology, amongst the most complex in the skincare industry.

Kara Vita delivers results to our users within two weeks, guaranteed, and is designed to not only enhance the skin's surface, but to strengthen and renew from within.

Like our product, we've designed Kara Vita's business opportunity to also "strengthen from within." As I thought about what would be important in building our consultant business opportunity, I wanted to create an oasis of integrity and excellence in the otherwise confusing, often times deceptive, world of skin care. It was not enough to have a product that was truly excellent and, indeed, changed lives. We had to structure our business opportunity to be consistent with the integrity of our product. Like our product, it had to change lives, and "strengthen from within". Our goal was to combine the best product with the best plan, and introduce that combination to people that are striving for a purpose greater than themselves.

Further on these pages you will find examples of how some of our consultants are building a business with Kara Vita and, in turn, are making their personal dreams come true.

We invite you to join us.

~ Deborah Duffey, President and Chief Product Development Officer