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Share the Purpose, Inspire Others

Share Your passion for quality skincare and inspire others to set higher standards as well. When you host a Kara Vita Friends for Facials™ party in your home, you help share Kara Vita's purpose of delivering the highest quality skincare to all women.

As a host, invite your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to an informative session with a Skincare Consultant. Guests will be encouraged to identify their personal skincare goals as they enjoy the opportunity to both personally experience and purchase Kara Vita products. They will thank you as they see visible results in less than two weeks.


"Hosting a party was a blast and I'm looking forward to hosting one again in the fall. I recommend Kara Vita whenever I can." ~ Vickie Block

At Kara Vita, our purpose is to deliver the highest quality skincare to all women and their families in order to improve their lives through increased skin health and beauty. When you host a successful party in your home, you help us achieve this objective. To thank you, we'd like to make it easier for you realize your own skincare goals through our host rewards. What rewards can you expect by hosting a Kara Vita Friends for Facials™ party?


Nationally, our average in-home party is $500.

*Uptight Firming Peptide Cream and Complex, 5-piece regimens and Secret Code are not available for half-price items.