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Success Stories

The best way for us to share with you the challenge, excitement and rewards of being a Kara Vita Clinical Skincare Consultant is to introduce you to some of our top sales leaders.  Each has a personal story of success to inspire you.


    Sharon Less
President, 2015 President's Circle Member
2014 Executive Committee

Independent Sales Consultant,
2013 Executive Committee Member

Sharon came to Kara Vita in the fall of 2003 with over 10 years of experience in another direct selling company. She made the decision to leave a successful business after seeing the incredible difference that Kara Vita’s anti-aging products made in her own skin. In addition, she saw an opportunity to build a long term enterprise from the ground up based on products she could believe in and feel passionate about sharing. Today, Sharon supports herself solely on her Kara Vita income and looks forward to the day when she can retire comfortably on the income she’s earned as a consultant. She’ll be there sooner than she thinks: Sharon ranked number one nationwide for personal sales in 2005 and is among our Top 10 in both team sales, and personal sponsoring. She’s adding to her team of consultants every day!

   Cathy Tannenholz
2015 President's Circle Member
President, 2014 Executive Committee

Independent Sales Consultant,
2013 Executive Committee Member

I became a consultant with Kara Vita because I loved the product. I also knew that Kara Vita offered a unique ground floor business opportunity. Two years later my Kara Vita business has evolved into so much more than I ever dreamed of. I would like to share how Kara Vita has changed my life. First of all, as a customer, I noticed a quick and dramatic improvement in the appearance of my own skin. As a consultant my life has changed by the heartwarming testimonials from satisfied customers. I am also rewarded with relationships consisting of the wonderful women I am honored to work with every day. These women share the same passion for changing people’s lives as I do. I never expected so much from any business venture. I quickly became a leader with Kara Vita in the Pittsburgh area. It has been truly fulfilling to open up the Kara Vita market in Pittsburgh and watch it grow. I never knew any job could provide such gratification from helping others until I received the appreciation, not only from the customers I help every day, but also from the company itself. It is such an exciting opportunity to grow my own business, with customers who have become my friends and with all my Kara Vita sisters who have truly become like family!



Joanne Holbrook
2015 President's Circle Member
2014 Executive Committee Member

Independent Sales Consultant,
President, 2013 Executive Committee

Success with Kara Vita can be found in unexpected places! A dynamo in a quiet and conservative package, Joanne Holbrook joined the Kara Vita sales team at age 62 without previous direct selling experience. Though she lives in a small Wyoming mountain town with a population of only 15,000 people, Joanne quickly became one of Kara Vita's Top 10 selling consultants and team leaders. In her three years with us, she has developed a team stretching across the country, resulting in earnings far exceeding her wildest expectations. If you have the chance to meet Joanne, ask her for the secret to her success; she'll likely tell you, "Well honey, all you have to do is get it on their face..."

   Alice Schmitt
2015 President's Circle Member
2014 Executive Committee Member

Independent Sales Consultant, 
2013 Executive Committee Member

Alice joined Kara Vita in February 2006 and says, "This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am so proud of my ability to have my own business. I am able to work my business around my family and I have the freedom to decide how I will spend my time."   

Alice quickly became a Director for Kara Vita and enjoys coaching and influencing others to join her team!  One of Alice's proudest moments was when the Chairman of Kara Vita, Karalyn Schuchert, wrote an article about her in the Heart to Heart Newsletter.  

Alice was chosen to be a member of the Kara Vita Executive Committee for the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013, serving as President of the Committee for two of those years. “Working with Corporate and our President, Deborah Duffey, has been a gift for me.  I admire Deborah’s true passion to make a difference in the lives of women and their families.  Deborah has emerged as one of the most creative product developers in the industry, she is brilliant, honest, patient, kind, sincere, and FUN!   To work with Deborah has been an honor and true blessing for me.

"Kara Vita has made my world a bigger place. I am more confident and excited about reaching my goals. I love all the extras that come with meeting goals at Kara Vita.  I have earned trips, cruises, diamonds, iPad, camera, cash, and purses to name just a few!   Meeting so many wonderful women from across the country has been amazing.  We work together, laugh together and learn from each other.   My skin has never looked better and I am thrilled to be a part of Kara Vita, the Number One Skin Care in the World. I am proud to lead other women to Kara Vita's ground-floor business opportunity and a product that really works!”


     Charlene McKee
2014 Executive Committee Member

Independent Sales Consultant

I came to Kara Vita to help supplement my family’s income.  I have stayed because of the wonderful experiences that have come my way through sharing these incredible products and this business opportunity with others!  This company has integrity and stands on it’s promises to the consumer and the consultants.!  It can be difficult to find that in today’s world. 

I am involved with networking groups in my area where I have met some wonderful people!  The friendships that I’ve found being with this company have been a real blessing in my life.  I was shy growing up, but I actually enjoy speaking at these group meetings whenever I get the opportunity! Being a part of them has helped with the growth of my customer base.  

I’m a grandmother now and owning my own business has allowed me to move closer to my grandchildren.  The flexible schedule has permitted me the time to play with them while I’m still able to do something that fulfills me both personally and professionally.!  I have found that consistency is what you need to continue down the path that leads to success!  I work my business every day, even if it’s just for an hour or two.  With a consumable product like skin care, that really works, I have found a consistent reorder business with Kara Vita.!  So, while I’m playing with my grandchildren, I can actually be making money!  I ask you, “Where can you do that?”  

My family has benefited from the money I’ve earned with Kara Vita and I have made friends that will last a lifetime, because of this company and the opportunities that it has given me.!  I can be the hands -on grandmother that I always wanted to be and still own a business that profits my family!

     Debra Rummel
2014 Executive Committee Member

Independent Sales Consultant

My name is Debra Rummel, but I do prefer the less formal Debbie. My husband's name is Ronald, but I have called him Ronnie practically my whole life. I have known Ronnie since I was in the first grade, and we will celebrate our 43rd anniversary in May. I am 62 years old and have three children, a daughter Nichelle who will be 41 in April, a son, Ron Jr., who is 38, and another daughter, Deann, who is 37. We also have two granddaughters, Olivia (9) and Laurel (4), and two grandsons, Maddox (6), who was born on my birthday, and Gavin (3). Of course, they are the loves of my life. I am a grandma and direct seller. I can't really say that I have a hobby. My grandkids and my direct selling keep me pretty busy. In addition to that, I clean my daughter and son-in-law's auto collision business office area every week. Ronnie and I both grew up in Johnstown, PA, but for the past 26 years have lived in Latrobe, PA, which is about 37 miles west of Pittsburgh. 

I started in the direct selling business when I was an at-home mom at the age of 24. I have sold toys and gifts when my children were little and have sold home decor merchandise since 2000. I have also worked in various medical offices for 23 years as a secretary and biller, with some of those years in direct sales, also. This type of business is in my blood. I have a passion for what I sell, or I just wouldn't be doing it. 

I was first introduced to Kara Vita by Joy Stynchula, who is a member of the same business women's group as I. I had listened to her before, but there was something about that one day when Joy mentioned how good Kara Vita was for eczema and psoriasis. I guess it just clicked then, because I know so many people with skin problems, including my husband and me. Needless to say, Ronnie's skin is a mess — no, really, it is. He would scratch his back till it bled. I used the lotion samples on him and me, and I was sold. When Joy had her event this past October, I emailed her to see if we could still attend since her RSVP time had passed. Of course, she said yes. I was so impressed with Joy, Alice Schmitt, and Catherine Tannenholz at this event, because it was so well done. I really thought it was going to be an open house, so I took my husband with me. Well, he was the only man there; but he seemed to be okay with it, because he was equally impressed. I later found out from Joy that Kara Vita supplied all of the products for that event. I couldn't believe it, because everyone was given a full-size product to take home. I decided at that time I was going to sell Kara Vita. I just wanted to run it by my family and close friends first. 

Joy conducted my starter show on Nov. 11th, which was a great success thanks to her. She also conducted my next party at my daughter's, which was also great. I talk to everyone about Kara Vita, because I know once they use it, they will be sold. With the specials that Kara Vita offers every month, everyone should be able to afford it. I tell my customers I have wasted so much money over the years on products that didn't do anything for me, but now I have found the best. By introducing Kara Vita to all my family, friends, and future friends, I am saving them a lot of money they would be spending on useless skin care products. 

As I have said before, I have a passion for Kara Vita; and I adore all my Kara Vita sisters. I have been overwhelmed by all the attention and recognition that Joy, Cathy, Alice, and Kara Vita have given me. I feel truly honored to be this month's Petal Pusher. My thanks to all of you, and I hope you know that you will have to put up with me for a long time, God willing. I have such great support from my husband, because without him I wouldn't have any direct selling business. He attends all my vendor events with me in my other direct selling business. Needless to say, I am the envy of all the other direct sellers at these events with my husband at my side. I couldn't do half of what I do without him. 

My sincere appreciation and gratitude to all of you! 

PS: Only one more thing, I promise. If you don't have the passion, please find it. Attend your team meetings, listen to all the training calls you can, attend and bring all your family and friends to events in your area; and above all, have fun.

    Joy Stynchula


Independent Sales Consultant, 
2013 Executive Committee Member

Well... Kara Vita, you had me at Hello.  It was a sunny day at a park festival when I met Cathy Tannerholz.  She asked me to try Kara Vita.  Of course, I wanted to know what this product was that created so much excitement in this unique woman.  I identified very much with the magazine article about Kara Vita... the one where I had a drawer full of every lotion, cream, jar, tube in my home that I had sampled unsuccessfully for my skin care needs.  I thought that genuine skin care was elusive, like a butterfly. 

Voila...  Kara Vita entered my life!  Thank you, Kara Vita!  I met Cathy a week later to discuss becoming a consultant, as I signed my contract on June 14, 2009.  On a humorous note, I became a consultant only to obtain the 25% off my skin care.  I thought the no-quota philosophy of the company was wonderful.  However, as I began using the regimen and other items... I became very excited about the skin care, so much so that I exuded enthusiasm about Kara Vita to everyone who passed through my life.  It didn't matter whether it was a really close friend, family, colleague, casual friend, stranger, sales clerk, any warm body who would listen to my happiness about Kara Vita would suffice for me! 

I began to carry this passion within me everywhere and observed people in all walks of my life as potential customers.  I wished to inspire that same spark in others of what a difference Kara Vita had made in my life.  I absorbed every bit of knowledge that I could from Cathy and the company, as if a sponge, in my quest to be the best with this phenomenal company.  I still continue to learn today to be able to service my regular clients and new customers as efficiently as possible.  

Fall of 2009, a terrific conference was offered by Kara Vita, I remember stating to Cathy I was going to achieve that goal and make it to the conference.  I put up visual pictures of St. Pete and affirmations for earning that trip in my office, bathroom, and even on the refrigerator.  I worked faithfully toward my goals that I envisioned every month.  In the beginning of December, after Cathy and I worked tirelessly at a holiday vendor show, I accomplished my dream goal.  

Well, girls, break out the bubbly. I was as proud as a peacock.  My hubby was amazed at what I accomplished with the trip.  Cathy has always had my back in supporting me with her words and actions, while Alice joined in with her blessings also.   They both sent me their heartfelt congratulations, and I felt as if I had won a million dollars.  Truly, they are my Kara Vita sisters, both in my heart and soul, the best kind.

At the conference, I was validated and celebrated by a terrific company.  I was bestowed such honor and accolades from fellow consultants on my first six months of success in this remarkable skin care industry.  I was so impressed with our factory tour, obtained so much invaluable knowledge, and shared unique networking with fellow experienced consultants during that time.  I came home even more motivated to make a difference in the lives of others.

What is there not to like about Kara Vita? Kara Vita, thank you for coming into my life and making a difference in healthy skin and the opportunity to grow my business with others, with such a great company to support me.  The products sell themselves... my passion just makes it more transparent to others!  

I will be a Forever Kara Vita Consultant with great joy!!!


    Karen Brooks


Independent Sales Consultant, 
2013 Executive Committee Member

I was introduced to Kara Vita in 2009 while at a conference. My face was face was feeling oily and just not fresh and a friend of mine, who is a Kara Vita consultant, sprayed the Balancing Mist on my face. Within seconds my face felt amazingly fresh and no longer oily. I absolutely loved how my face felt and purchased the Balancing Regimen. I began using the product and noticed a huge difference in my skin immediately. It was no longer greasy and my large pores began to shrink and are now hardly noticeable all. Within a few months my skin was the healthiest it had ever been and the wrinkles around my eyes were gone (thanks to the EyeWish!) I was so excited about the product and decided this would be a great opportunity to share with my friends something that I had found that was so wonderful.

Since being a part of Kara Vita I have seen psoriasis disappear on a lady who had it for 30 years, I have seen freckles fade from a woman's face who did not like them. I have seen the Balancing Regimen set heal a severe abrasion on a face in only 4 days. I have seen the Everyday Skin Penetrating Lotion heal-in only a few weeks-a scab and scar that had been on a face for 5 years. I have seen the EyeWish improve the dark circles under the eyes of a woman who had them for many years. I have seen the regimen set stop blemishes overnight. And there are so many more great testimonies.               

My definition of success is caring about others and knowing that I am part of changing their lives for the better. I enjoy when people feel comfortable enough with me to share their concerns about their skin and being able to find a product that will help.

Integrity is doing what you say and saying what you do. This is what Kara Vita does. They offer products that actually change the health of the skin through their purity, potency and the Lyphazome technology offer amazing results.

I love being part of a company that helps to heal the skin and increase its health. Kara Vita has a product that delivers on its promises!

    Allison Bell


Independent Sales Consultant

Allison Bell joined the Kara Vita family after listening to her sister, Janeen Aldrich, share about an incentive trip to Puerto Vallarta. Relaxing on a warm sunny beach sounded exactly what this young spunky mom needed!! She quickly earned the trip...and then continued on to become a top leader in the company. 

Allison Bell's background was in teaching high-school science, and she has put her creativity and organization to work in formulating and executing a strong customer follow-up program. As a result of her innovation, and consistency with customer follow-up, she was the top-selling leader in personal sales for 2006, and continues to be among the top-sellers in sales. Wife, mom, sister, and part-time teacher to 11 pre-schoolers, Allison Bell still organizes her time to lead a successful Kara Vita business...and never miss a Kara Vita incentive!

    Billye Peterson


Independent Sales Consultant

"My own Business!" When you take the time to reflect on that statement, you realize just how powerful it is! That single declaration, those three words, opens up a whole new world of possibilities, emotions, and feelings. It is really our DUTY to introduce this feeling to other women. Most women don't realize the freedom and tax breaks a business like Kara Vita can give them. We must educate them!

As a business professor for 31 years, I taught my students the power of a home-based business. Can you imagine being able to start your own business for such a nominal fee as ours AND being able to offer the top anti-aging products in the marketplace? Everyone should render a sincere invitation to the women they meet to invest in themselves and their future. I'm thrilled I was given that invitation!

    Charlene Pierson


Independent Sales Consultant

Vision, Inspiration and Achievement. These words reflect the sentiment of my heart. Kara Vita’s own words of “Share the Purpose, Inspire Others” also reflect the sentiment of my heart. I have always been a people person. I believe that we at Kara Vita have a gift to give women. That gift being the ability to have the time for their families and themselves, have fun and make an incredible income all in one package. I love sharing this gift with women! I have been an obstetric R.N. for over 25 years, and I have always loved it. I have also supported and worked alongside my husband in his ministries while raising our five children. In December of 2004, I discovered Kara Vita. Not only was I thrilled to find a skin care that actually transformed my skin, but also the opportunity made me ecstatic just thinking about it. I did not actually get started as a consultant until February of 2005. Three months later, I promoted to leader, and I have been unstoppable since then. I felt as if after all these years, I had found it. My husband and I would be able to retire. Between now and then we can help our kids with college and eventually have the boy's ranch that we have dreamed about. Great skin and the opportunity of a lifetime... all in one!

    Chris Helt


Independent Sales Consultant


I was born a teacher! The ability to teach young children is a gift that God has given to me. I love teaching and it is so rewarding when my students have that special look of... "I got it! I understand! I can do this!" I postponed my teaching career to be a stay at home mom for my two boys. I remember packing up my things from my third grade classroom. There were lots of tears as I carried the boxes out to my van. I still remember shutting my classroom door for the last time and peeking into the window at my empty classroom. I was making a change, a change that wasn’t easy. I was leaving a part of my life that I cherished to be a better teacher and mother to my two young boys at home. I look back and I am so happy I made that change. I will always treasure the time I have had with my boys.

My boys are now both in school all day. It was the strangest feeling as I watched them both climb up on the bus together on the first day of school. They pulled off and there I stood at the bus stop asking myself, “Now what?”

Thank God Kara Vita had found me. I say that Kara Vita found me because I wasn’t looking for anything. I wasn’t looking for new skin care products. I wasn’t looking for a new career. I wasn’t looking for anything. I didn’t know I needed anything. I didn’t know I needed anything until I said, “YES” to Kara Vita. I was so shocked I said yes because I had never sold a thing in my life! Now I realize I am not selling anything. I am teaching again! I am teaching others about the best skin care in the world. I get to see that special look on my student’s faces again. That special look of... ”Wow, my skin feels good! This smells great! I can do this!” Being a Kara Vita Consultant and Team Leader is rewarding and it feels good to be teaching again.

I love Kara Vita. I love the friendships I have made, and the ones that are out there waiting to be made. I love the way I feel about myself. It feels great to be successful. It feels exciting to watch my customers love their skin. It feels rewarding to be making a difference in people’s lives!

The only direction to go in Kara Vita is up! I can’t believe I ever had doubt. I have gone from doubting change to becoming a consultant, from a consultant to becoming a consultant with high monthly retail sales, from a great consultant to becoming a Team Leader. My team is growing, and I can call myself a teacher again. I am teaching people how to care for their skin. I am teaching other women how they can be successful consultants in Kara Vita. I am teaching my team members how to grow their business. There is so much to teach. Most importantly, I am teaching my boys and my wonderful, supportive husband that you can do anything you want to do if you are willing to make a change! I believe change is good.

Get out there and make a change!

    Dawn Cawley


Independent Sales Consultant

When Dawn Cawley joined the Kara Vita sales team in June of 2003, she held a very lucrative position with a well known company in the Chicago area. At that time, she faced difficulties faced by so many women: juggling the demands of her successful career with her life as a wife and Mom. It did not take her long to realize that her Kara Vita business could become an incredible earning opportunity for her and allow her the freedom she sought. She left her corporate position to focus on this new venture full time. Her Kara Vita career also allows her to be a full time mom to children Quinn and Gianna. As one of Kara Vita's Top 10 money earners for both personal and team sales, as well as our number one sponsoring Leader, she is on pace to earn over $100,000 this year, more than replacing the corporate income. In fact, her team sales for April 2005 set a record, totaling more than $29,000!

    Debbie Loughlin


Independent Sales Consultant

Prior to joining Kara Vita, in June 2004, I was a stay at home mom with my two boys Connor and Kyle. I was just starting to think about doing something for myself outside of the home... and that is when the Kara Vita opportunity came to me. I tried the product, and was hooked instantly... I knew this was something special to share, and I knew I could sell it. I talked to my husband Marty about the Kara Vita opportunity, and being his own business owner, he gave me the support to start my new adventure.

After doing a few clinics, and meeting such amazing people in the company through meetings, and conferences, I wanted to take my business to the next level, and become a Kara Vita Leader. I set that goal for myself, and have been a consistent leader for two and a half years now. I attribute my success in this endeavor to the enjoyment I feel from working closely with everyone on my team and seeing them grow in their Kara Vita experience. I have grown an amazing team and helping them achieve their goals has been the most rewarding experience for me.

Kara Vita has given me the flexibility to work from home, set my own hours, and most importantly given me the self confidence needed to grow a successful business.


    Doe Girling 


Independent Sales Consultant

For the past 28 years, I have enjoyed a successful corporate career in sales and marketing.  I entered the workforce in 1983 a wide-eyed and clear-skinned 22 year old and spent the better part of my twenties climbing the corporate ladder and butting, on many occasions, up against the proverbial glass ceiling.  

Twenty-seven years later, in 2009, with almost fifty-year-old skin now prone to adult breakouts and the effects of gravity, I began to reflect on accomplishments that had taken me around the world on incentive trips and afforded me a salary, which now exceeded most of my current male counterparts.   

In spite of my professional achievements, I continue to have to work long, arduous hours and am a slave to the corporate office political structure.  Seeking balance that will allow more quality time with my family, continued financial success and a graceful beginning to my fifties, enter Kara Vita with a promise to de-wrinkle my life in more ways than one.

Kara Vita’s Founder, Karalyn Schuchert, first introduced me to the world of pharmaceutical skin care over a year ago by way of a very generous donation of body lotion and sunscreen to the Hoag Cancer Center in Newport Beach where I am the principal fundraiser.  I got to witness, first hand, the incredible healing properties her body lotion had on cancer patients undergoing, often scarring, radiation treatments.  I also became the resident expert on sunscreen exposing the false claims espoused by the majority of sunscreen manufacturers.  

It was not long before I realized that Karalyn Schuchert’s integrity and personal philosophy, with regards to skin care, were something very unique and I had to join her team.  I quickly traded the skin care system that I had been using for over 30 years for Kara Vita’s balancing regimen, eye tender and uptight.  My friends and family immediately took notice.  I became a consultant in September of 2009, had a team of 10 by November and won my first incentive trip by December.  What is even more remarkable is that I did it without holding one home party, sending out one brochure or asking anyone to become a consultant.  

My newfound success came to me, which is a testament to the quality of Kara Vita and its products.  Friends noticed my skin transformation and wanted the same results and when they experienced them first hand they spread the word and my business boomed.  

Kara Vita has given me a renewed sense of purpose as well as an opportunity to create a personal business that has limitless possibilities for personal growth and financial freedom.  In less than a year, I have become the person, in my expanding circle of influence, who people call when they need an answer for their son’s acne problem, mother-in-laws alligator dry skin, husband’s psoriasis, their own sagging turkey neck and, yes, even their kid’s sore throats and ear infections.  I giggle every time I get one of these calls because in every case I have had the answer in my Kara Vita bag of tricks and I end up with a new and grateful client.   

Any successful business requires hard work and while I have not taken the usual path to success in direct marketing, I have tailored my business to fit my current professional needs and those of my family.  That is the beauty of this industry.  I get to do things my way. I work when I want and only with people that I choose to work alongside.  So for right now, I am a fundraiser by day and mange my Kara Vita business at night.  My goal is to step away from the corporate landscape in the near future and build my Kara Vita business full time.  Just think what I will be able to achieve when I actually do start sending out brochures.

    Doris Orr


Independent Sales Consultant

Coming on board with Kara Vita in May 2004 was not a hard decision for me to make. Especially after the first time I tried the products. I saw the dramatic change in my skin – after just one application! Not only did I see a difference that night, but what really convinced me to become a consultant was how my face felt the following morning. It was still “baby soft” and full of hydration, which I had not felt in a long time. “Why would I ever use soap again?” I also saw an opportunity to build a business working only a few hours a week. With retirement quickly approaching from my demanding 8-5 job, my goal is to build my business bit by bit, step by step, so when the time comes, I can easily step into my FUN job without missing a beat! As a wife, mother, grandmother, Jr. High Sunday School teacher, and member of our Praise Team at church, I still have time to share Kara Vita on a daily basis with people I meet because Kara Vita is a perfect fit for anyone! It certainly has enriched my life in so many ways.

    Janeen Simundson


Independent Sales Consultant

Excitement and enthusiasm should be Janeen Simundson's middle name, because she loves the integrity and quality of the Kara Vita products! Her background in massage therapy and holistic treatment products prompted a family friend to introduce her to the Kara Vita products. Though initially very cautious and skeptical, Janeen has become one of our most successful leaders. She ranks among our Top 10 for individual and team sales, and in November 2005 sold a record-setting $2,516 worth of Kara Vita products at a single clinic event! Partnering with her sister Allison—also a Kara Vita leader—she's taking California by storm.

    Judy Slinker


Independent Sales Consultant

When Team Leader Judy Slinker came to Kara Vita July 2006, she had sold her clothing manufacturing and retail business and had spent the last two years managing operations for her husband’s trucking business. One day after attending a Kara Vita party and sampling the entire 5 pc. Regimen, seven women commented on her skin. Judy decided she could not pass up the consultant opportunity to lead women to a product that truly works. From Riverton, Wyoming, a town of 3600 households, Judy was recognized as the #1 in the Nation for Personal Sales in first quarter 2007.

    Karen Woods


Independent Sales Consultant

I knew immediately that Kara Vita’s line of skin care was different. The change in my skin was undeniable! I had been searching for a skin care line that would really work and Kara Vita delivered the desired results I was looking for. Because of this reason, in addition to the amazing ground floor business opportunity, I joined the Kara Vita team in August 2006. Being a Kara Vita consultant and operating my own business has allowed me the freedom and flexibility needed to continue putting my family first. This opportunity fits into my life perfectly. I am able to be home when my children get home from school, which is extremely important to me. Prior to having my children, I worked for a large financial services corporation and had very little flexibility with my scheduled. Now, I have the flexibility, am my own boss, and I love it! I am excited about where Kara Vita is headed and I am so happy that I am apart of this company.

    LeAnn Carreno


Independent Sales Consultant

I first experienced Kara Vita products at a party that my self-proclaimed “skincare junkie” friend hosted. She had insisted that Kara Vita products were incredible and I had to try them. The products not only cleared up my new adult acne issue, but I could tell my skin was healthier and I was getting compliments about it soon after I began using the products. I’ll be honest; I didn’t stay true to Kara Vita and continued to try several other products, from high priced department store brands (the ones I hadn’t already used over the years) to celebrity endorsed brands marketed on T.V. I even tried to go back to the brand I had been using predominantly since I was 15 years old; none of them did what they promised, I noticed how they smelled of chemicals, and they weren’t even saving me any money. I went back to Kara Vita and now almost four years later, my skin is better than it ever has been and I truly love these products!

Unfortunately, my family fell upon an unexpected situation and I found myself in a position of needing and wanting to help support my family financially. Being a stay-at-home Mom for 15 years and not having completed college, I was limited in the types of jobs I could get and the money I could earn. I also really hated the time demands of regular full-time jobs, which caused me to miss out on a lot of things with my family and activities I personally enjoy, but I had to do what I could and took a full time job. Fortunately life settled down and I was able to quit my full-time job, but I had given up my fitness franchise of 12 years for the full time job and now found myself missing the interaction with other girls and the enjoyment of running my own business. More importantly, I could not get out of my mind how financially helpless I had felt…even worthless and I knew that I never wanted to be in that situation again so I started looking at my options and I decided Kara Vita was the BEST option. 

I already knew how incredible the products were, but I was also impressed by the company’s background, vision and its strong integrity. I loved that it is owned and operated by women and the opportunities that were available. However, it was when I realized how very young the company was and that NO OTHER skincare company could ever come close to the products or the technology Kara Vita has that I decided I wanted to be a part of it all. I saw that there were unlimited possibilities!I love my business! I love the sense of accomplishment it brings me knowing that I am helping people with both incredible skincare and incredible business opportunities. I love that I don’t have to be a “sales wiz” because the product sells itself. I love the flexibility it allows me with balancing my family with my business. I love that the harder I work, the more I get out of it. I love that Kara Vita makes each and every consultant feel appreciated, cared about, and supported. Most of all, I love the vision I have for my future; knowing that I really can have it all.

     Lisa Pattison


Independent Sales Consultant

As a former model, I have been trained to use good quality skin-care products, but at age 45 the aging process had set in and I needed something more! I have found that “something more” in the Kara Vita five-piece Balancing Regimen combined with the Up-Tight product. After only one week, I saw noticeable firmness and tightening in my skin, and after one month of diligently using the PBH Mask followed by the Purifying Mask twice weekly, I have smaller pores and a truly balanced complexion! My husband, age 53, is also seeing wonderful results with the Up-Tight product, and our two teenagers are using the Clearly-It Regimen with great results as well! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share the Kara Vita product with others and witness the transformation in their skin and the difference this makes in how they live their lives!

    Rosie Berger


Independent Sales Consultant

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Kara Vita line for several years. Finally, with more flexibility in selling the product, I decided it was time to get involved as a consultant. It really has been fun and I love it when my customers tell me, now we know your secret for looking so young! Recently one of my clients told me that almost instantly she could feel a difference when using Kara Vita. She is hooked. No more off brands! Thanks, Kara Vita!

    Suzann Floyd


Independent Sales Consultant

Prior to joining the Kara Vita team, Suzann Floyd sold for another direct selling company. As she'll tell you, she looked at this prior experience as a "hobby" to support her "basket habit." But, after discovering Kara Vita's superior anti-aging products, she chose to join our sales team and make Kara Vita her career. As a very busy Mom of four, it became Suzann's mission to turn this career into a business, which allows her to be home with her children. And she's done just that! As the leader of the fastest growing Kara Vita team and one of our Top 10 income earners, Suzann's on her way to bringing home a six-figure income.