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My Pet Immune Skin Spray

Item # CR002

BIG NEWS for Dog and CatOwners!


Pets Deserve the Very Best …


…and our brand new product line, My Pet Immune, offers the same gentle,effective solutions you expect from all Kara Vita products. Be among the firstto care for your dogs and cats with My Pet Immune Skin Spray  -- an all-natural topical remedy that offersfast relief for conditions including hot spots, dermatitis, scratches and bits.


BuyMy Pet Immune Skin Spray for 20% off – just $46. (SRV $58).

Yourpets are worth it!    #CR002


Order through your consultant or Kara Vita at

Whilesupplies last.

Noadditional discounts apply.

Offervalid September 1-30, 2019 EST

Price:  $58.00 Quantity:
Club Price:  $49.30