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What People are Saying

Our customers, hosts and consultants have much to say. Enjoy browsing through our product success stories to learn first-hand how Kara Vita provides both the tools and the knowledge to improve not only women's skin, but their lives.

Are you a Kara Vita user with a story to tell? Have our pure, penetrating and potent products helped you to reach your personal skincare goals? We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us and share your achievements.

General Comments


I wanted to let you know how well the Kara Vita products have worked for me and my family. When I attended the Kara Vita party I was initially impressed with how my skin felt. I purchased the Balancing Formula Regimen, some eye and lip products. In the back of my mind I was thinking of the Acne Regimen for my son. But first I wanted to see how my skin reacted. After a short time I noticed a big difference in my skin. It not only looked better, but it felt better also. I decided to go ahead and order the Acne Regimen for my son. He is 16 and has been seeing a skin doctor for his skin. He started using the products and I explained to him that Barb told me that he had to use the product for a while to see results. His skin did improve a lot. I took him to the skin doctor for his skin check up & the doctor said “he was taking excellent care of his skin.” My husband was impressed with this too. In the summer he tends to break out with some acne on his forehead. I told him that I would talk to Barb about it. She recommended the Problematic Regimen for him. He has been using it and no longer has a problem with his forehead breaking out. My family has seen a big improvement in our skin. Barb represents Kara Vita very well. She is very helpful and knowledgeable about skin types and the Kara Vita products. I would definitely recommend the Kara Vita products for you and your family. Feel free to share this letter with any new customers!


I have been using Kara Vita for about nine months and really like the skin care line. My favorite products are the Eye Tender, Lip Tender and Facial Exfoliating Masque. I honestly feel I can see a noticeable difference in the lines around my eyes and lips since I started using the eye and lip products. My skin always feels very clean and soft after using the masque too. At 52 years of age, it makes me feel good that I'm using products that are the purest, pharmaceutical-grade that is available. I feel I'm being proactive in fighting the aging process. To top it off, my consultant is the greatest and service and delivery are wonderful!

Vickie Brannon

"[The products] are a great value and they do what they say they will do."

Chris Jones

"I have begun using the entire skin care line and have hosted three clinics because I am convinced of the quality and 'miraculous' nature of these wonderful products. Thank you!!!!!"

Jennie Weible

"For once a skin care company talked to me like I was an educated consumer... presenting clear, concise, scientific information."

Sheila Saccomanno

"You're getting real freshness, real service, and real value when you deal with the Kara Vita Company. Thank you Kara Vita, you have a customer for life."

Kimberli Sobiegraj

"Thank you, Kara Vita, for making products that I believe in and that are so good for your skin."

Linda Joann Stroud

"...I thank Kara Vita for coming into my life. I am a walking, talking testimony of what Kara Vita can do."

Vickie Block

"Hosting a clinic was a blast and I'm looking forward to hosting another one in the fall. I recommend Kara Vita whenever I can."

Kara Vita Facial Products

Lisa Cataudella

I am a 37-year old woman, and I have always had problem skin – sensitive, oily, and prone to break-outs. So I have been on a life-long search for the perfect product to give me the beautiful skin that so many others seem to have naturally. At first I tried the drug store – I was using Neutrogena Acne Wash for years, thinking that it was helping... but after a while I realized that it was actually making my skin oilier because it was too harsh for my sensitive skin. And the Oxy benzoyl peroxide products would actually burn my skin, so those were quickly discarded!

I then began searching for products in department stores, figuring that these would be of a higher quality. I tried using the Clinique “system” and it actually made my skin even worse! I don’t remember having so many break-outs as I did when I was on their program – and of course their excuse was “our product works so well, it makes the acne come out – so you need to let it cycle through and it will subside after a few weeks.” Well, it never did.

Realizing that Clinique was one of the less-expensive product lines, I decided that maybe what I needed to do was to spend more money. So I began using Clarins, and that was OK but still too harsh for my delicate skin. Origins was OK but it was too light – they did a good job marketing themselves as “all natural” but their product was just not strong enough to tackle my acne problems. I went through just about all of the cosmetics lines in the high-end department stores with equally disappointing results.

Then, one day I noticed my sister-in-law had an unusual “glow” to her skin, and that her wrinkles were visibly diminished. I asked her what she was using, and she informed me of this new product line by Kara Vita. She said that she had only been using it a few days – and the results were already noticeable! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I asked her if I could try some and she gave me some samples, which I loved, and eventually I received the whole Regimen for Christmas.

I can honestly say that Kara Vita’s skin-care products are the best I have ever used, by far. Their cleanser and masque are deep-cleansing and exfoliating, while at the same time gentle and non-irritating. The toner is light and refreshing, as is their anti-oxidant cream. The moisturizer is light but keeps my skin soft all day. And the acne treatment works practically overnight! Plus I love the fresh, clean scent of their products – enjoyable but not overpowering.

And I cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve received since I’ve been using Kara Vita – everyone says my skin looks great – including my husband! Their products are not ridiculously over-priced like department store products – and yet Kara Vita is so much better than anything you’d find at any department store or spa! I consider myself lucky that I was introduced to the Kara Vita line – I feel that I have finally found the perfect skin-care product, in every respect.

Thank you SO much for introducing me to Kara Vita-

-Lisa Cataudella, Esq.

PS: I used the Exfoliating Body Wash this morning and I do love it! I normally use the Oil of Olay body wash which also makes my skin softer than most body washes, but the Kara Vita body wash outdid the Oil of Olay body wash – not surprising! Plus I feel cleaner somehow. It’s great!


I had a growth appear on my forehead. It looked like a wart so I applied Compound W. It turned black and gushy. I wore a band aide on it because it was so icky looking. I have had this thing for about 6 months, and I finally saw a doctor about it. He wanted to remove it (cut it off). There is a medical term for what it is, but I can't remember what it was called. I was going to a wedding and didn't want it to be a big scab, so I told him that I would schedule to have it removed in a couple of weeks. I was completely out of my I was using only the Glycol-X. The thing is GONE!!!! Completely GONE!!! I see the doctor tomorrow...can't wait to see his reaction!!!!

Jane Anderson

I have been using [Kara Vita facial products] for about 5 weeks, I did go through a period of pulling out impurities like you said some of your customers have. It wasn't bad at all, and the zit cream really helped. I have to say again that all of my blemishes have been extremely manageable by comparison. I have religiously used the product every single night since I started...which is amazing. It truly only takes about 3 minutes! My boyfriend even noticed that my skin looks better and it feels softer. My products seem to be lasting pretty well too, as I probably have atleast another month left of most of them. I seem to use the Antioxidant more than anything else. I'm very happy with the progress.

Jenni Van Fleet

"I could immediately feel a difference in my skin that evening. I not only bought the full 5-piece regimen, but scheduled a clinic that night so I could share this awesome product with my friends."

Linda Ritz LaMonte

"I have rosacea and eczema. Since I've started using Kara Vita nine months ago... all of the redness has faded away. My skin looks and feels healthier."

Courtney Gieselman

"...I started to see my face clear up right before my eyes. I almost started to cry because I had more confidence. No other product ever did that before."

Gray Caron

"I recently ordered the 5-step [Kara Vita regimen]. The results were amazing. Within a week I could feel a big difference in the texture of my skin. By the end of the month, I noticed my 'crows' feet around my eyes and the 'smile lines' around my mouth were much less noticeable."

Katie Boschee

"In my 53 years my skin has never felt this wonderful, and it continues to improve in softness and reducing the redness to almost no redness. Even my husband made a comment about how good my skin looked, and in 25 years he's never done that!"

Kimberli Sobiegraj

"I have now been using Kara Vita for just two months and would not ever think about going back... your catalog says you will see a difference within two weeks. Well, I saw a difference after a day. The dark circles under my eyes are gone, and the blemishes on my face have cleared up."

Susan Carless

"I am so impressed with the performance of Kara Vita products that I recently purchased a regimen for my sister. I can't wait to hear how much she loves the products!"

Debbie Beers

"The real testimonial should come from my husband. He tried Clearly It!™ because he had terrible problems with cysts. After 10 days we noticed a huge difference in his skin."

Patricia Cullens

"I no longer use my rosacea prescriptions. I am hooked for life."

Ann M. Nowak

"The dark circles under my eyes are gone. I don't need eye concealer anymore. And, as an added benefit, the little fine lines around my eyes are gone."

Tamara Aquino

"I have now been using Kara Vita products for over a year and will not let any other products touch my face."

Susan Spicer

"I am extremely pleased with the Kara Vita line. It's easy to use, and I love the way it makes me look younger. It's such a treat to use these amazing products every day."

All Day Suncare Product

TJ Knutson

As a commercial airline pilot I spend approximately 70 hours per month above 30,000 feet. The UV rays up there are staggering. For years I never wore any form of skin protection. I noticed that my facial skin was getting very pocked and rutted. For about a year my sister was begging me to try some of her Kara-Vita products, but being a proud male, that stuff was for girls. After enough nagging, I started using Complete Suncare SPF29 with Parsol 1789 and eventually worked into using the Purifying Antioxidant. I now use it every time that I go flying as I have noticed that only after three months, my complexion is many times clearer and smoother. Another great aspect of this line of product is that it doesn’t go on oily, and it rubs right into the skin and stays on all day. I can also tell in a heart beat if I have neglected to wear my sunscreen as my face feels like it is being baked. As the ozone layer is depleted with green house gases, I have become a big advocate of proper skin care, and I believe that the Kara Vita product line is the best that money can buy.

Mitzi Lowe

"I started out my day in a sleeveless top and applied Kara Vita sunscreen on my shoulders and arms. Later, I changed to a smaller top and did not apply sunscreen. I couldn't believe how fried I was EXCEPT for where I had applied your sunscreen. The product works exactly the way a sunscreen should, and it smells awesome as well. Thanks, Kara Vita!"

Tammy Lawler

"I vacationed in Cancun with my Kara Vita sunscreen. My girlfriend used Brand X. We ended up canceling the whole next day because she had blisters and major sunburn! I now have a beautiful tan due to Kara Vita Sunscreen SPF30, and I had an excellent vacation."

Barb McDonald

"I had to go on a three-day horse show where I would be outside all day. The Kara Vita SPF 30 lasted all day, and I never got burned."

Nanci Bowen

"As an LPGA Touring Professional, I am constantly in the sun and need strong protection. I've had tremendous success with Kara Vita—so much so that I now use the regimen as well."

Lisa Lunbeck

"I purchased Kara Vita sunscreen and my kids love it. It works! And the best part is they don't have to reapply it."

Aloris Lanners

"The [Kara Vita All Day Suncare] sunscreen is great, best I've ever used. I would recommend your product to everyone I know."

Everyday Skin® Product


I am doing very well. I finished my treatment on October 20 and finally am starting to feel back to "normal". They did tell me it would take about 4-6 weeks for the effects of radiation to wear off. Enduring the 6-1/2 weeks of radiation (everyday) tends to burn your skin, but I started using the Everyday Skin™ Penetrating Lotion twice a day, and my radiation oncologist was amazed at the results. She had never seen anyone do as well as I did and asked me what I was using so she could recommend it to other patients. Please feel free to share this story. It was my wonder "drug".


I burned my arm making pancakes for the boys. I got to work and it hurt so bad that I went to the first aid kit and got some burn suave. It was instant relief...for about 15 minutes. It got all red and started to blister. It was about the size of a quarter. I remembered the story you told us about the (Everyday Skin™ Penetrating) LOTION and how it was design for burn patients. I put it on the red, blistered area. It stopped hurting immediately, and within 5 minutes (I am not kidding) the redness was gone. One of the guys in the shop witnessed it and couldn't believe it. I didn't reapply it all day. I got home and took a shower expecting it to burn like crazy when the hot water hit DIDN'T. I applied a generous amount of the (Everyday Skin™ Penetrating) CREAM. The next morning the blisters were gone!!!! I applied the (Everyday Skin™ Penetrating) LOTION in the morning and within two days it had healed completely. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

Diane Adams

"The [Kara Vita Everyday Skin™] Penetrating Lotion is just wonderful – [it] turns leather into silk."

Maxine Gifford

"What a miracle! The Everyday Skin Penetrating Lotion is the only thing which stopped the constant burning and itching... caused by the radiation treatments."

Gail Houle

"I gave a bottle of Everyday Skin Penetrating Lotion to my granddaughter. She suffers from eczema and the prescription medicine she was using was so strong that it burned when she applied it. She cried and suffered through multiple applications every day. Since April 2004, she has been using the Kara Vita lotion, and her eczema has greatly improved."

Christine Cetwinski

"I was severely burned from a propane tank explosion, 68% of my legs, right arm and right side of my face. My step mom had Kara Vita Penetrating Lotion with her when she was here. I tried it and loved it. After using it for a week, I went back to my doctor for a check-up and he couldn't believe how wonderful my skin was. And it's still healing!"

Jodi Love

"I purchased Everyday Skin™ Penetrating Lotion for my husband who has psoriasis. After using this for a week he noticed considerable change in the dry patches in his skin. Thank you for releasing such a wonderful product."

Linda Green

"My husband has had eczema on his hands for years, and it's painful for him to swim in a chlorinated pool. We were introduced to Everyday Skin™ Penetrating Lotion, and the first time he used it and went swimming, there was no irritation or pain. After years of prescription creams and lotions, he is now able to enjoy swimming in the pool."

Chris Jones

"In a matter of a day, my hands were smooth and stopped peeling. It's been over two months and the condition has not returned."

Terri Wang

"My eight-year-old's hands used to crack and bleed. Kara Vita's Everyday Skin™ Penetrating Cream healed her hands in four days."

Annette Dutro

"My skin is now smooth and soft... even my dry, brittle fingernails are growing longer and stronger. Plain and simple: Kara Vita really works."