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I have used many skin products from over the counter to pharmaceutical…nothing has changed the condition and the appearance of my skin like the Kara Vita product. The products really do work.

I am a part owner of a Cosmetic and Laser Center and I just brought Kara Vita into my clinic. I have a fine line on my eye lid that Botox could not treat and after the third night of applying the Eye Tender it’s GONE! I LOVE this product!

I was told by my aesthetician to try this product. My skin has never felt or looked as healthy and youthful as it does since starting with Kara Vita.

The Balancing Antioxidant truly nourishes my skin and has helped repair sun damage that I had. My skin stays hydrated all day long and is silky smooth! Wrinkles are diminished.

My absolute, hands down, favorite moisturizer. My skin feels so soft and hydrated, makeup goes on smoothly and my skin is nourished and protected from the harmful rays of the sun! The most elegant moisturizer you can buy at this price!

Kara Vita’s DNArescue™ has powers I never believed possible. This spray lotion has changed my skin texture and
appearance from all the sun damage I had from years of sunbathing without sunscreen.