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The Surprising Trick for Flawless Foundation

While you’re probably putting on foundation to create flawless skin, what comes before can make the biggest difference in how your foundation actually looks.

Save time with a minimalistic skincare routine

As life seems to get busier and busier, it can be tricky to find the time for a complex, multi-step skincare routine each morning and night. Fortunately, that’s where the minimalistic, 3-step routine comes in. Save on time and still get fantastic results, guaranteed.

What You Need to Know About Silicones in Skincare

Despite the negative press around silicone and advice to avoid it in your skincare products, we have some welcome news: silicone in skincare is safe. It’s not only okay to use products with silicone, but they actually have some major benefits that you’ll miss out on if you skip it.

Skincare Trends We Expect to See in 2023

Skincare seems to be one of those things that’s ever evolving. With new research and discoveries emerging practically every day, we think it’s safe to say that sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what new trends have hold of the industry. So, we decided to make it easy for you. Here’s five skincare trends to expect to see in 2023.

3 skincare myths and the truth behind them

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to skincare. Maybe you used to believe you didn’t need sunscreen on cloudy days, or that you didn’t need to use anti-aging products until fine lines showed up.

How to Listen to What Your Skin is Telling You

With the explosion of skincare products, tips, and routine advice, it can be easy to use trendy products that aren’t right for your skin. But if you pay close attention, your skin will actually tell you what it needs

5 Ways Skincare Brands Trick You Into Using Their Products

Skincare brands have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to not only make you buy their products, but also to keep using them. While they may not be telling outright lies, the truth is stretched just enough that what they might be telling you to get you to use their products isn’t exactly reality.

How to know what kind of cleanser your skin craves

For most of us, our skincare routine starts with washing our face. But despite being the very first step, most of us don’t put as much care into what cleanser we use as we should. 

Why the Purity of the Water in Your Skincare Matters

Water plays a very important role in skincare. If you read the ingredients label of your favorite skincare products, you’ll see that water tops the list of nearly every one. In fact, it can make up around 60 to 80 percent of the entire formula. 

How we test our products for a two-year shelf life

We’ve previously shared the importance of testing products for safety, but testing can also pass down real benefits to you as the consumer. One of the biggest pluses is a long shelf life: in Kara Vita’s case, it means products last for two years, at minimum.

What Daily Harvest's Scandal Can Teach You About Quality Testing

The importance of high-quality testing is never more apparent than when that testing fails. In case you missed it, food delivery subscription company Daily Harvest had a troubling food poisoning incident in June that not only made hundreds of its customers sick but also sent several to the hospital, allegedly even ending in gallbladder removal for some. Signs point to a lentil dish, and while the case is ongoing, the company is already facing legal action due to the dangerous health issues their customers faced.

Understanding the shelf life of your skincare products

Do you know how long you’ve been using your moisturizer? Or better yet, did you realize it had an expiration date? Like food, makeup and skincare products only stay fresh for so long.

6 Ways to Fight Skin Inflammation

When skin is inflamed, it not only appears red and irritated, it might feel tight, itchy, or hot, too. It can be uncomfortable and difficult to cover with makeup, which is why healing skin inflammation is crucial.

Emulsions Part Two: A Deeper Dive Into Nanoemulsions and Nanotechnology

Have you ever wondered what actually makes up your skincare products? Or how all those ingredients on the label come together to form the cream, serum, or cleanser you use on your skin? The simple answer is emulsions, and they not only affect how a product looks or feels, but emulsions matter because they can determine how well your product actually works.

The Importance of Emulsions in Skincare, Part One

Emulsions make up nearly every skincare product with more than one ingredient, and you won’t need a science degree to grasp what they are. Understanding what emulsions are can help you see through marketing-speak and assess the product itself.

How to Treat Hyperpigmentation

The reality is that hyperpigmentation can be tricky to treat—it takes a lot of patience and it can be a journey to find the right products. But by understanding what’s causing it and the exact ingredients that can make a difference, you’ll start to see discoloration make way for clear skin.

Here's how skincare products work (and why some don't) 

While you may be more concerned with how your skin looks, the way it functions is just as important. Skin is designed to protect us, but as we age it can change. This can affect how it appears and what products are right for you. But even knowing this—why don’t some products work, and how do you find the ones that do? 

What causes premature aging, and how do I prevent it?

Aging might be inevitable, but it is manageable—especially when it comes to skin. Despite our wishes that it stay smooth, firm, and unblemished forever, your skin is constantly working to stay healthy and strong to protect you from outside elements, and over time it can begin to break down.

The Importance of the Skin Barrier

Our skin is as important as any other body part and has a critical role just like any other. All of the layers of skin play a part, but when it comes to skin and skincare, today we’re most concerned with the skin barrier.

Nanotechnology in Skincare: Everything You Need to Know

Nanotechnology sounds futuristic, but the reality is that it’s already here. And it’s not just some otherworldly process found in science labs and space, it could actually be the reason your moisturizer works so well.

Kara Vita's Long History with Hyaluronic Acid

By now you might have heard of hyaluronic acid—maybe on a commercial, in conversation with friends, or on the bottle of your nightly serum. But despite how seemingly suddenly it appeared, in reality hyaluronic acid has been used in skincare for decades.

Decoding Ingredients: 5 Powerful Plant Extracts to Know

If you use any skincare at all, it’s likely many of the products you use have a number of plant extracts in them. Now you can begin to learn what those many plant extracts are doing for your skin.

Everything You Should Know About Morning and Evening Skincare Routines 

Skincare routines are most effective when products are used in the right order at the right time. While it can initially be overwhelming deciding when to use what, once you learn some basic concepts it will be easy to build your routines. 

Understanding how acid exfoliation changes the skin

If the idea of using acid on your skin scares you, you’re going to want to revisit that assumption. The acids we’re referring to here won’t burn or injure skin, in fact they’ll do the opposite—turning skin soft and smooth while it clears pores and prevents premature aging.

The Truth About Using Oil on Your Skin

If you’re skipping out on oils for fear that they may clog pores or give you an oily face, you’re missing out on an entire line of beneficial products. The truth is that no matter what your skin type, there’s an oil for you.

Why you should add antioxidants to your skincare routine 

While the science behind antioxidants and how they work is complex, with just a little knowledge you can optimize your routine so you’re using the antioxidants right for you. Because—and this may come as no surprise—yes, you should be adding antioxidants to your routine. Here’s why and how.

Six skincare steps you can skip and one you NEVER should 

The overwhelming number of products available, the dearth of new “It-Ingredients,” and talk about 10-step routines can make skincare feel inaccessible. It can turn what should be enjoyable into a source of stress. But building—and keeping up with—a solid skincare routine doesn’t have to be so complicated.

How early do you need to start using anti-aging products?

As soon as our mid-20s, skin begins to visibly age. Around the age of 20 collagen production, the protein that keeps skin firm and youthful, slows down about 1% per year. This is also when you might begin to notice fine lines pop up, like expression lines around your eyes or mouth.

Sun Damage and Your Skin

If you were to poll dermatologists about the most important thing you could do for your skin, their answer wouldn’t be the name of an expensive serum, or even some secret ingredient. Among their top tips would be to use a product you’ve likely used since childhood: sunscreen.

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