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Decoding Ingredients: 5 Powerful Plant Extracts to Know

If you use any skincare at all, it’s likely many of the products you use have a number of plant extracts in them. Now you can begin to learn what those many plant extracts are doing for your skin.

Everything You Should Know About Morning and Evening Skincare Routines 

Skincare routines are most effective when products are used in the right order at the right time. Building specific morning and evening routines can help. While it can initially be overwhelming deciding when to use what, once you learn some basic concepts it will be easy to build your routines. When it comes to the products you use, crossover is expected, but some that you use in the morning you won’t use again in the evening, and vice versa.

Understanding how acid exfoliation changes the skin

If the idea of using acid on your skin scares you, you’re going to want to revisit that assumption. The acids we’re referring to here won’t burn or injure skin, in fact they’ll do the opposite—turning skin soft and smooth while it clears pores and prevents premature aging.

The Truth About Using Oil On Your Skin

If you’re skipping out on oils for fear that they may clog pores or give you an oily face, you’re missing out on an entire line of beneficial products. The truth is that no matter what your skin type, there’s an oil for you.

Why you should add antioxidants to your skincare routine 

While the science behind antioxidants and how they work is complex, with just a little knowledge you can optimize your routine so you’re using the antioxidants right for you. Because—and this may come as no surprise—yes, you should be adding antioxidants to your routine. Here’s why and how.

Six skincare steps you can skip and one you NEVER should 

The overwhelming number of products available, the dearth of new “It-Ingredients,” and talk about 10-step routines can make skincare feel inaccessible. It can turn what should be enjoyable into a source of stress. But building—and keeping up with—a solid skincare routine doesn’t have to be so complicated.

How early do you need to start using anti-aging products?

As soon as our mid-20s, skin begins to visibly age. Around the age of 20 collagen production, the protein that keeps skin firm and youthful, slows down about 1% per year. This is also when you might begin to notice fine lines pop up, like expression lines around your eyes or mouth.

Sun Damage and Your Skin

If you were to poll dermatologists about the most important thing you could do for your skin, their answer wouldn’t be the name of an expensive serum, or even some secret ingredient. Among their top tips would be to use a product you’ve likely used since childhood: sunscreen.