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Smaller ingredients mean bigger results

You're smart about your skin. Your skincare should be smart, too.

At Kara Vita, we knew that to have the biggest impact, we had to think small. 
We use patented delivery vessels known as nanospheres to encapsulate pharmaceutical-quality active ingredients.

Each powerful nanosphere is 100,000 smaller than the width of a human hair. Those tiny particles travel to the deepest layers of your skin where real change happens.

The ratio your skin craves

Every Kara Vita formula has a minimum composition of 80 percent nanosphere-encapsulated ingredients that absorb into the skin's deepest layers and transform from the inside out.

The remaining 20 percent non-encapsulated ingredients provide immediate surface benefits, smoothing and protecting. 

No fads - just results

How it absorbs

The absorption process happens in three steps.

1.  Apply Kara Vita products to your skin

2. The nanoactives hit the skin's surface which pulls the actives down into the skin and breaks the bond holding them together. 

3. The water and oil soluble ingredients release into deeper layers of the skin

Skincare that does the work

You've got better things to do than wonder if your skincare is working. Trust Kara Vita's purity, potency, and patented ability to penetrate to the skin's deepest layers with nano-tech. Be as confident in your skincare as you are in yourself.

Tiny molecules. Huge Results.

Repair your skin with patented nanoactives

At Kara Vita, we're thinking nanotech small. We developed products that work under the surface of your skin. Powerful ingredients that last all day. Think of Kara Vita as a behind the scenes team changing the way your skin looks and feels at a cellular level while you tackle your day.

Scientific standards that your skin can feel

It works. Products are developed and tested for up to 2 years.

No surprises.
Microbial testing on all ingredients and products.

It lasts longer. Climate-controlled warehousing maintains integrity.

It does what we say it will. Quality control testing on all products.