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Skincare Trends We Expect to See in 2023

by Deborah Duffey, Chief Product Development Officer and President    January 28, 2023

Skincare seems to be one of those things that’s ever evolving. With new research and discoveries emerging practically every day, we think it’s safe to say that sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what new trends have hold of the industry. So, we decided to make it easy for you. 

Here’s five skincare trends to expect to see in 2023.

Trend #1: Tech Treatments From Home

Handheld products that offer the same great results as in-office procedures, for a fraction of the cost? We think yes, and so does everyone else. Companies such as Solawave and NuFace have taken stage in creating at-home beauty devices to help you achieve the snatched and sculpted skin of your dreams. Utilizing advanced and emerging technologies, these devices have created disruption in the skincare industry; and with new devices and advancements in tech at a steady flow, their popularity and availability is sure to grow in seasons to come. 

Trend #2: Skincare From Within

There’s been a recent emphasis placed on the importance of balanced lifestyle to maximize skin health, and we’re all for it. Attention to how gut health, hormones, and stress regulation affect the skin have taken front row in the recent push for inside-out wellness. Deep down, we all know that what’s going on internally impacts what happens externally, and with trends such as ‘Dry January’ at play, it's easy to see how healthy choices show in our skin. 

Trend #3: Strong Skin Barriers

In 2022 we became familiar with the importance of the skin barrier, but this integral part of skin health hasn’t been left behind in last year. In fact, newfound ways to show it love are emerging - and for good reason. Recent research shows that nourishing the microbiome is essential to maintaining healthy function of the skin barrier, so we’ll likely see unfriendly ingredients to the skin flora, such as benzoyl peroxide, gradually disappear in the coming year. 

Trend #4: Skin Cycling

Skin cycling started earning attention late last year for being a simple, skin barrier friendly, and effective approach to getting smoother, clearer skin. ‘Skin cycling’ consists of a four-day cyclical approach which consists of alternating between exfoliating acids, retinols, and a simple moisturizer.

Here’s how it’s done:
Day 1: Use an exfoliating acid such as a glycolic
Day 2: Use a retinol
Day 3: Let your skin rest by using a simple moisturizer
Day 4: Let your skin rest by using a simple moisturizer
Then repeat!

Being efficient and effective makes this trend one that is sure to remain popular in the coming year.

Trend #5: Preventative Skincare

All roads lead to one – preventative skincare. Vitamin C and retinol, facial exercises, and Botox are all gaining more attention than ever. While these anti-aging treatments aren’t the new kids on the block, they’ve proven to be tried and true time and time again. Rather than the previous approach to anti-aging skincare which was to begin investing in your skin once you felt you needed it, the new approach seems to be to invest in your skin before the signs of ‘needing it’. That means to prevent fine lines and wrinkles rather than treat them. Vitamin C serums, retinols, facial exercises, and Botox all work to do this. Skinvestments start now.

Each of these trends work in their own way to create healthy, glowy skin, and we encourage you to try them.