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6 Ways to Fight Skin Inflammation

by Deborah Duffey, Chief Product Development Officer and President    June 10, 2022

When skin is inflamed, it not only appears red and irritated, it might feel tight, itchy, or hot, too. It can be uncomfortable and difficult to cover with makeup, which is why healing skin inflammation is crucial.

But skin inflammation has many causes, and while some skin inflammation needs a doctor’s help, other issues can be managed at home. Whatever the problem arises from, there are so many easy tricks that can be used to calm inflamed areas. Here are six ways to fight skin inflammation and its uncomfortable symptoms.

1. Determine the cause

In some cases, conditions like eczema or dermatitis can be the cause of skin inflammation. Other times, an allergic reaction or excessive product use can inflame skin. If you’re not sure what is causing your skin issues, it’s best to speak with a dermatologist before proceeding with at-home treatment. Some conditions might require a prescription treatment, and knowing what exactly is causing your skin inflammation can be a big step towards healing it.

2. Be gentle with your skin

When skin is inflamed—no matter the cause—it can be extra sensitive. Avoid hot water temperatures, don’t use rough washcloths or exfoliators, and try not to touch your face too often. This applies to skincare products, too. Don’t use intense exfoliators on inflamed areas, and it’s a good idea to skip retinoids, too. All of these can irritate already irritated skin and prevent it from healing.

3. Use products that soothe

By choosing products with calming ingredients, you can reduce the symptoms of inflammation, whether it’s red, dry, or itchy. This everyday lotion was originally formulated to soothe the skin of burn victims, and it can safely be used on irritated, inflamed, and fragile skin. Or try this Hydrating Complexion Mist, which uses rosewater and birch leaf extract to soothe and hydrate skin. It can be used throughout the day whenever skin begins to feel irritated. Pay attention to how your skin feels after you apply skincare products, and take a break from those that cause more issues than they cure.

4. Protect skin from sun damage

Sun exposure can exacerbate skin inflammation, and even without an existing skin condition, sun damage can cause redness, rashes, and irritation (as well as contribute to long-term skin changes over time). A moisturizing sunscreen protects and hydrates at the same time so you can cut down on the number of skincare products you’re applying to your skin. Staying in the shade and wearing a hat can be helpful, too.

5. Soothe skin with cold

A cool washcloth or ice roller can be placed on skin to soothe irritated and inflamed areas. You can also store face masks or moisturizers in the fridge. This can be especially beneficial for inflammation in the eye area—this serum can be stored in the fridge and will calm inflammation with the cool temperature and calming green tea extract.

6. Choose your skin products carefully

Using too many products or using the wrong products can make skin inflammation worse. When it comes to the health of your skin, it’s worth it to be picky about what you’re using. At Kara Vita, our ingredients and formulas are extensively researched, and we use patented nanotechnology in every product. Learn more about what makes Kara Vita different from other brands here.